5 Effective Ways You Can Start An Essay And Intrigue Your Readers

One of the biggest problems for most students is how to start an essay. There are countless possibilities, but not all of them are effective. If you want to know how to start an essay properly, you must understand that the introduction must inform and intrigue your readers. It should say something about the purpose of the essay and make readers want to read it whole. Some of the best ways you can use to start essays are mentioned below.

1. Start with your thesis

Some students who know how to start an essay usually choose the thesis as their first sentence. This is a safe approach, and it is one of the most common you can think of. Keep in mind that you must start with the thesis in the first sentence, not the second. A thesis should be well-written and contain all the data.

Never start with obvious things, such as ‘’this essay will’’ or similar. This is the worst beginning you can choose. If you still choose it, you will reveal too much of your essay, and it won’t be interesting for the readers, a huge drawback.

2. Start with a question

In this case scenario, you can choose between two alternatives. The first one is to post a question and then provide an answer. The second alternative is to invite your readers to answer. Both methods are effective and very appealing, but there is one major difference.

The first case scenario is more common and easier. After all, you ask a question, and you provide the answer. The second case scenario is more complicated. You must ask the right question, and you must intrigue readers, so they answer it.

There is no need to add that your questions must be related to the essay. You should never ask some irrelevant question.

3. Start with an interesting fact

One of the most desirable and the most interesting ways to start an essay is to use an interesting fact. This is reserved for essays that allow you to use this strategy. For example, if you are writing about dinosaurs, you can start by saying that the most dangerous one was T-Rex because it had one meter long teeth.

The goal here is to intrigue your readers literally with one sentence. To do this, you need to provide some fact that is truly interesting. So, how can you find it? Google it. Once again, this fact must be linked to your essay, and it must not be a random one.

4. Start with discovery or revelation

Here is one interesting and professional way you can start most essays. However, it is more appealing for personal essays because you can start by revealing how you discovered something. Of course, you can use it for other essays, and there are countless examples out there.

This strategy is useful if you want to emphasize something and share it with the world. If you want to learn how to start an essay using this method, take a closer look at the effects of that change you are starting with.

5. Start by revealing a secret

The only reason why this is the last way on our list is that most students will try to avoid it. Basically, you need to start by revealing an important secret to your readers. The secret must be linked to the essay in some way.

The best part about it is that you can think of any secret that sounds good at the moment and use it. There are no limitations. The imagination is the only limit you may encounter.

All of you now know how to start an essay professionally. You can use any strategy mentioned above, and you should use them for all your essays. Some of the best ones started with one of these strategies so you can get a clear idea of how important they are. Believe it or not, a strong introduction can make a massive difference between a strong essay and a poor one. You need the strongest essay possible every single time.