The ABC Of How To Write An A+ Critical Essay

A critical analysis essay is a type of academic paper written to analyze, evaluate, or interpret a particular text or some other type of content. The goal of it is to help writers sharpen their critical writing skills. In addition to that, it needs to challenge the reader with a thought-provoking analysis of an idea that was already placed by the original author. For example, a critical analysis essay could be about a certain book or a movie to that matter. Now, you the writer can have a fresh take on the author or director’s idea. All that in a manner that it will resonate better with a new generation of readers or audience.

Key Steps To Writing A Critical Analysis Essay

First-time writers are usually terrified by the thought of writing this type of paper. However, good preparation and a clear mind are more than enough to write a good one.

Step #1 – Find Out What Is Expected From You

Whatever the topic, no matter how complicated it sounds, the first thing to know is what is expected of you. Ask for all the details that surround the assignment and if needed ask for further clarification.

Step #2 – Study The Source Material

The source material can be in a form of a book, a movie, or any other media. The key is to pay close attention to it. Whatever the form, make sure that you visit it more than once. There is always room for some details that you might have missed.

Step #3 – Don’t Forget To Take Notes

It’s a good practice to take notes every time you make a certain discovery while reviewing the original material. Make sure that the notes also include concepts and key ideas from the original author.

Step #4 – Find Out The Primary Patterns And Challenges

This is about identifying the patterns and challenges that are presented by the author himself. The ones that defined the piece you are writing about, it’s very essence. Only by identifying them, you can see the other patterns coming out of the work you are writing about.

Step #5 – Find Solutions To The Identified Problems

Once you identify all the challenges and problems, you need to turn your focus on how to solve them. It is the solutions that will help you create your thesis statement which will be the very essence of your essay.

Critical Essay Structure

The structure is same as with other essays: introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. It is what you write in them, how you present it and the message you try to convey is what sets it apart from other essays.

Types Of Critical Essays

There are several types. Some of the most notable ones are Gender Criticism, Formalist Criticism, Reader-response Criticism, Sociological Criticism, Biographical Criticism and so on.

In Conclusion

Writing a critical analysis essay can be only challenging only if you don’t know what’s expected from you or you lack analytical skills. If that’s not the case with you, simply follow the steps and tips provided above and you are on a good path to writing a great essay.